Drug fuelled, high octane debauchery from the start. It may well be 3 hours long but it’s such a fun ride it really doesn’t feel like it. Leonardo DiCaprio is brilliant as Jordan Belfort and he is ably supported by Jonah Hill in what must be his best performance to date.

The writing is excellent and some of the dialogue reminded me of Quentin Tarantino at his best. Those nonsensical, drug filled conversations were very reminiscent of the tipping scene in Reservoir Dogs. The uncontrollable hysterics of the newly rich, quaalude fuelled brokers was so well acted as to make me suspect that some of the actors may have done a fair bit of research.

The scene in which Belfort takes too many out of date ‘ludes and loses all control of his body in an attempt to drive home was a highlight of the film for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film from start to finish


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