Although I really like Harry Hill I wasn't exactly excited at the prospect of a Harry Hill film. I went to see it at the cinema because my son was lucky enough to work in the art department on this film. I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be better than I expected.The story was potty but this is Harry Hill and if you don't expect stupidity then you shouldn't have chosen to watch it. Johnny Vegas does a great job of voicing Abu the hamster and Julie Walters is very funny as Nan. The whole supporting cast was very good.I thought the jokes were great. Quite often they were terrible jokes but they still made me laugh. Again, if you don't like silly jokes then you really shouldn't be watching a Harry Hill movie.The look of the film was incredible. They caught a real 70s vibe with really vibrant colours. The puppets were great and the costumes of the shell people were really well done.I really liked it. If you like the Harry Hill, The Mighty Boosh and daft kids TV shows like Rent-a-Ghost then you'll like it too.


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