As a Halloween treat I went to see The Babadook. I've waited a long time for the film to get here from Australia and I really enjoyed it.
Not a traditional horror movie. No big shocks to make you jump and no slasher gore either. A darkly claustrophobic film with 2 brilliant central performances.

It's the story of a woman and her son who are terrorised by a ghoul from a bedtime book. The book is wonderfully horrible.
It triggered memories of horror films I saw in the 70s and 80s, films that left a lingering unease in the back of my mind as the lights went out at night. The electrical buzzing reminded me of the intense soundscapes from Eraserhead.

Spoiler alert: the whole nightmarish situation is very clearly the mother's anger at her child who she blames for the death of his father. Her mental anguish fuels the whole psychodrama.

I don't think everyone in the theatre felt the same as me. If you go expecting a traditional horror film you could be disappointed. If you are open to a dark, psychological drama with nightmarish overtones then you might feel like I did.


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