Well this was a nice surpprise. I had seen all the trailers and, whilst I really fancied the film, I expected a light piece of summer entertainment. What I got was something more robust.

The cast were all up to the job. Charlize Theron is never less than wonderful and I find Chris Hemsworth very watchable. The casting of the dwarves was brilliant. The dwarves were, in the main, strongly recognizable actors and this quickly lent weight to their on-screen characters.

The film is visually stunning with some magnificent computer graphics. The design of the troll was very well conceived having a hide like mossy bark and antlers like dead wood. It's a shame we didn't see more of it. When the heroes got to Sanctuary and we got to see the fairys there was definitely a touch of magic on screen.

They took an old story and kept to the well known main elements but built a good plot around it.

All in all it's a good movie that can easily hold its own in this year's summer season.


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