So I saw the remake of Robocop. Not a bad film but not a great one either. It suffers in one very particular way: someone already made the film Robocop and it was bloody good so why did someone else feel the need to remake it?

The opening scenes of robots patrolling the streets overseas were really good but the story taking the central character from human to Robocop seemed a little slow compared to the speed of the film's resolution.

The film is punctuated with Samuel L Jackson's right wing TV commentator which is OK but at times it feels a little divorced from the main film. These sections are slightly satirical but that's where it loses out to the original which had a very sharp, dark humour about it.

Visually the film is very good but it doesn't top the original.

Just a little footnote: Can someone please give Michael K Williams a meatier role to play. In this he wasn't really used. I was really excited when he appeared in 12 Years A Slave only to be bereft 5 minutes later when he was killed off. He is a great actor and we need to see more of him.


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