or - If Time Travel Were Possible Christopher Nolan Could Give Me Back the Wasted Hours

I have sat through the Batmans in the hope of feeling the excitement that seems to enthuse everyone else and I suffered the horrible travesty that is The Prestige and now Christopher Nolan has stolen even more time out of my life.

I am a sucker for big publicity and media hype. I fall for it every time and Interstellar was another case in point. Another film where I seem to disagree with the majority on IMDB. After seeing the film I end up skimming the reviews to see if I am not the only person who just didn't see what all the fuss was about.
I came out of the film thinking it wasn't bad but it just wasn't good either. After 24 hours of mulling it over it's dropped further in my estimation. Initially I just thought that if he had presented the same stuff in 1hr 49mins instead of 2hrs 49mins it would have been good but having had time to reflect, even that would not save it.

I know that there is no sound in space but those moments of silence were really odd especially during explosions. It dulled all the excitement. The film was hugely lacking in suspense or tension.

There are so many things wrong with the film and they are all topped off with the cheese-ball ending.

Here are some of the irksome plot holes. 

Her dad is the "ghost" in the bookshelf who leaves her a message. The message that he doesn't leave is "It's me, your Dad"

If our future selves can transport Cooper through time and space why not put him in the bedroom and not in the book case. Why leave a message in binary or morse, why not just write it in the dust with the gravity?

Why did Cooper take notice of the co-ordinates but not the message that said "Stay"?

Matt Damon was trying to describe how desperate he was to see fellow humans but no one gave a thought for the astronaut still on the main ship for 23 years.

If you had secretly built a rocket that was mankind's last hope why would you ask a farmer, an ex-pilot to fly it at a few days notice?

What the hell was Michael Caine rambling about in his death scene? What was he lying about and why the hell didn't our future selves communicate with him instead of a teenage girl?

Blackboard mathematics? Really? Do mathematicians still write on blackboards? I suspect they have something slightly more sophisticated. I have seen the Big Bang Theory and even Sheldon Cooper uses a whiteboard and dry wipe pens.

When Cooper disengages his craft and falls into the black hole so Brand can follow her heart it was so reminiscent of Bruce Willis staying behind in Armageddon that I wanted to barf.

The biggest goof of all for me was the ending. His aged daughter tells him to go after Brand. Now, hang on a minute, didn't he set Brand on her way to find her lover Edmund? Did I miss something? Did people find out that Edmund was a gonner? I don't think so. That means Cooper was potentially on his way to be the biggest gooseberry in history (or in the future) ever? Had they fallen in love on the mission but there hadn't been time to cover it in 2hrs 49 mins? 

My final comment: I liked the robots.


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