Her is a very unusual film. The concept of a man falling in love with his computer's operating system is not an obvious crowd puller but it's well written, fantastically well acted and beautifully directed.

I was really impressed. Scarlet Johansson brings her character to life with just her voice and Joaquin Phoenix is splendid as the emotionally challenged central character. Amy Adams and Chris Pratt add great support too.

The story opens up so many questions about love, personality, sentience and much more. The story plays out very simply but there are very deep threads woven through the film. I was very impressed.

I am not sure I have seen a film that felt quite as intimate. There are so many close up shots of the actors, more I think, than I have seen in any other film. The production design needs a big nod too. They somehow managed to make it look like it was set in the future but not too far in the future. The use of locations was spot on. They all managed to look slightly skewed form the norm. (The male character's all wore trousers with high waists and huge flies.)

If you like this then you need to check out Robot and Frank which has some similarities in it's subject matter.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. It will be in my head for some time and I will definitely give it another watch.

Where do I sign up for my OS1?


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