These 90 minutes had me laughing so much I had tears on my cheeks by the end of the film. Cuban Fury is a great movie. It is full of rom-com clichés and it uses them all superbly. Everything is in there including a training montage. I laughed loads from start to finish. It you want a check list of reasons to see this film then:
Nick Frost - Check
Chris O'Dowd - Check
Rashida Jones - Check
Kayvan Novack - Check and Check again.
Olivia Colman - Check.

There is also great support from Ian McShane, Alexandra Roach and Rory Kinear as well as a very quick and hilarious cameo from a star that I will not name.
Nick Frost gets a chance to shine and show that he is more than Simon Pegg's  sidekick and Kayvan Novack steals every scene he is in. 
The script written by John Brown is very lean and has lots quotable lines such as "Al Pa-fucking-cino" and "I'm late for my ball waxing". IMDB lists some cast members who do not actually appear in the film which makes me suspect that there has been some good editing to keep the movie tight and maintain its momentum.There is one teeny tiny flaw in the plot (who uses cassette tapes in their car these days?) but I laughed so much that I don't care.

Superb. See it

Now, where can I get salsa lessons?


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