I wasn't sure what to expect from this film and the 2hr 45min run time almost had me changing my mind. I am so glad I didn't. It's hard to explain why this film turned out so fabulously. The story has few, if any major crescendos but it never loses pace and it never dropped my attention. It's simply the story of a boy growing up, or rather a family growing up. The boy is the focal point but only just as everyone else grows with him.

It's really amazing to see the actors grow older as the film progresses. You occasionally think "Oh he looks a little older than he did in the last scene" but it doesn't jar and the film is seamless. I was drawn in by the simplicity of the story, the beauty of the camera work and the feeling that you were watching the lives of a real family unfold.

This is a novel film and a beautiful success.


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