If you like your comedy dark then you will love this film. I had heard Alice Lowe's Wunderland radio series and I was mesmerised by it's strange, dark faery world. As one of the co-writers of this film she gives vent to her dark side again but this time in the world of caravan holidays.

There are large dollops of humour in the drabness and mundanity of the lives portrayed here. The script is superb and its delivery is spot on. The violence, when it comes it, is extreme and gory.

There is something in the Midlands accent that fits the whole thing so swell. “He's ruined the tram museum for me now” is one of many lines that will soon become quotable and twisted to be used in homage to the film 

There is not much that you can say without giving too much away. I loved it from start to finish and I could watch it again today.

There are some things that can be knitted that never should be knitted.

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