For me Christmas started today. I went to the cinema and saw this animated 'kids' film and  I loved it. The graphics are great and the story is simple, original and fast paced.
Peter Ramsey directs it like a ride at a Disney park with occasional breaks to pull your heartstrings or force a tear or two from the corner of your eyes.

The central character is Jack Frost, draw like a cool indie-kid in tight trousers and a hoodie with winning frostie white hair. He is surfs the skys and draws delicate frost patterns across his world. he gets to team up with The Guardians: Santa, the Sandman, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

All of the main characters are wonderful and I almost want to believe in the Tooth Fairy again just because they are so delightful. Father Christmas, or North as he is known, has to be my favourite. He is a big chap but not in the jolly, fat man mode. He is a big Russian bloke with tattooed forearms and even wears rings on his thumbs.

Jude Law voices the Pitch, the boogieman. I am not normally a fan of JL but his voice was perfect here and the character of Pitch oozed with dark melodrama. Hugh Jackman too makes the Easter Bunny into something new and very unexpected.

The graphics are simply beautiful. I saw it in 2D as I really dislike 3D and it makes my head hurt but I am sure that if you are fan of 3D (and there must be someone out there that likes it, surely) then I think that the action scenes will be absolutely amazing.

The comparisons are bound to be made between this and Avengers Assemble and although this is a so-called kids film, the Guardians could stand toe to toe with the Avengers and hold their own.

It's a Christmas movie and a bloody good one.

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