Many years ago I started a blog. I started it on Blogger and I enjoyed it. I wrote a few bits. It was fun. I also wrote blogs for work which I really enjoyed as they allowed me to write almost anything. I usually wrote about whatever was in my brain that day and then I twisted it so it met with the needs of the company (sometimes the twists were quite tortured).

Anyway, I let the Blogger stuff slide due to other things, as you do, and occasionally things would spark in my mind and I would think "I really should blog that" but I couldn't get back into my Blogger account, no matter what I tried. Since Google took it over it has become impossible to get my blog back and carry on with it.  I also stopped writing for work too, as things shifted to a more professional output.

So, I have decided to start from scratch. I am going to write some new stuff and I am going to steal back all my old stuff from wherever it currently sits.

It won't change the world, but that isn't the intention. I just want to get some stuff out of my head and down on paper (virtual paper) for me and no one else. If you read it, then fine. If you comment, even better.

It will be what it will be.

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