A while back I had a 4.00am start so I planned on getting to bed early.  As usual that didn’t go to plan because time ran away with me so I ended up getting to bed sometime after 11.00pm. Since getting an i-Phone part of my routine is to set my alarm on it and then to have a final check of Twitter to see if anyone is talking about me when I am not there.


What I saw that night was a Tweet that said:
“Nooo!!!! Dreamcatcher cannot be on a list of 50 worst films ever!!! > :(  http://ow.ly/13aWV   I simply won't allow it...”

Now, I love films but I adore lists so I obviously had to click the link and have a look. Yes Dreamcatcher was in at 18 so I wanted to see what was worse than that hideous movie. Now remember, I was doing this on an i-Phone so each page is tiny and I have to zoom in just to be able to move to the next page. An hour later I had gone from 18 all the way to the No. 1 worst movie of all time, reading the reviews and comments for each one. At about half past midnight I had to have a severe word with myself, as I so often do, and put the i-Phone down to catch a niggardly amount of sleep before my early start.

The next day I realised that I have a problem. I’m addicted to lists.

You know you get those programmes on TV, Top 50 Romantic Films, Top 100 Christmas Songs, Top 100 Children’s TV Shows, Top 100 Comedians of All Time etc? Well, if I happen upon  one of these shows I'm there until the end. I want to know what is number 1. (I also want to hear what Andrew Collins has to say, because, let’s face it, he comments in most of them.) It’s the same on the web or in magazines: Top 100 Gadgets for Christmas, Top 50 i-Phone Apps, top 50 Massage Parlours in Essex (only joking about that one). I can’t help it I devour them. I don’t know what it is about lists that get me so involved. They are just other people’s opinions and quite often I don’t agree with what’s in them but I just can’t put them aside.

I have heard people say that it is a male preoccupation, which would be nice because I don’t have many other male traits – I don’t love cars or football and my plastering abilities are shocking. So is it a man thing? The Nick Hornby book (and John Cusack movie) Hi Fidelity, which is great, seems to imply it’s very much a man thing and it’s a film all about a chap who annotates his life in lists, Top 5 Movies, Top 5 Break Ups, Top 5 Bands or Musicians Who Will Have To Be Shot Come the Musical Revolution (true, that is in the book).

If it is a man thing does it go along with putting your books and CDs in alphabetical order. That’s something else I do and I know other men who do it but I don’t think women do.

I realised as I was writing this that the tweet took me to number 18 in the list of Top 50 Worst Movies and I followed it to number 1 (Batman and Robin if you must know), but I didn’t get chance to go the other way, up the list from 19 to 50 so this is where this blog ends as I have an addiction to feed.

07/02/2012 3:05pm

Love this post, sorry Scubadog but lists and putting your books and CDs in alphabetic order is not just a man thing! Mine are too! It's a librarian thing... Maybe you should have been a librarian?? Shhhhh....

07/03/2012 12:39pm

Thanks for reading and thanks even more for bothering to leave a comment. I am not sure that I am librarian material. I'm too loud. I have never met a woman that organises books and CDs. I think maybe you just have ocd.

07/08/2012 2:02pm



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